Urban Fragments


Urban Fragments is an exhibition that aims is to evoke reflections about cities and the people who inhabit them.

The environment created is an empty and silent frame that is completed and alive only when the spectators become part of it. The relationship between the space and the visitors is a sort of metaphor of the relationship between a city and its citizens.

The overall silence of the images is only broken by the convulsive printed words that recall the idiosyncrasies of an urban environment’s life.

Urban Fragments was part of The Urbanity Project, a book and an exhibition of multidisciplinary artworks that not only communicates a common vision of “the city in terms of its people” but one that also values collaboration and demonstrates artistic excellence. It was first exhibited in Shanghai Art Community and later invited by Ms Tianhong Zhang, director and owner of renowned No1 Art Studio, it was exhibit in the prestigious Luxun Fine Arts Institute that many consider the best Art Institution in Northern China.

Client: Shanghai Art Community

Category: Exhibition Design

Location: Shanghai, China

Overlapped images convulsively collide
with dazzling and strident smells
that vanish dragged by shivering and penetrating chirps,
Junctions, disjunctions, illusions, delusions,
departures, arrivals…Cities
Immagini freneticamente sovrapposte
si scontrano con odori accecanti
e svaniscono trascinate da ruvidi e tremolanti stridii.
Incontri, scontri, arrivi, partenze, illusioni, delusioni… Cittá