Wind Estate


We never had a chance to meet the chairman of Wind Estate personally, or the team itself, yet we gained a clear understanding of their vision through online communications and in depth Q&A sessions that they seriously engaged with.

Their input was fundamental in the whole process and allowed us to create a Visual Identity System,  able to boldly reflect who they are, what they stand for, where they aim to be and why it does matters.

In the way to develop a wind farm plant, often a long and windy way, Wind Estate is a strong competent partner that will handle everything from concept to construction, ensuring compliance of laws and regulation as well as budgets and deadlines.

Wind Estate offers a fruitful cooperation with all the players that will be part of today’s and tomorrow’s wind energy.


The initial concept to develop the visual identity of Wind Estate has been built around the idea of leadership, dynamism, power and nature.

The Wind turbine element is a visual hook, an instantly recognizable symbol that evokes dynamism and the product itself. The type’s treatment is clean and strong, focusing on the key word “Wind Estate.”

The strength of the final concept lies in his strong and recognizable solution.

The logo consists of letter mark and a symbol mark which interact coherently as a whole.

The style is bold, vigorous and contemporary.

Client: Wind Estate / Proactive

Category: Concept & Design

Location: Randers SV -Denmark 2

The red brownish makes Wind Estate Identity stand out from other wind energy enterprises yet maintains a link with the idea of natural, recalling the substratum soil colours.

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